Capturing the energy and philosophy of Ea Torrado’s exploration of the human body as an instrument to provoke reflection and dialogue, and the capacity of dance performance to ignite creativity, connection and community, Daloy has produced Walang Hiya Festival, Sayaw Galaw, Ugnayan Community Program, Tanghal at Talakay and Daloy Movement, all projects that tapped diverse Filipino communities by utilizing dance as a tool for personal and social change.


Our workshops promote dancing to a broader audience which includes dancers, non-dancers and former dancers through the embodiment of movement material from various techniques and classes.


Our Mission:


To offer classes based on different dance techniques and schools of movement including but are not limited to: ballet, modern dance, contemporary dance, improvisation etc..

Develop dance education programmes that gear towards technical proficiency, creativity, and overall artistic growth

Create an environment that cultivates self- confidence, open mindedness and personal growth

Foster a community of dancers and dance enthusiasts who see dance as a medium that reflects a deeper human language



Formed by Ea Torrado in 2014, Daloy Movement is a dynamic dance practice that catalyzes intuitive, uninhibited, and free-form movement. People from all age, size, gender, ability,
socio-economic background and religious beliefs are welcome in a Daloy Movement Workshop. 



We provide a safe and open-minded environment for classes and workshops. In all #DanceWithDaloy classes, we practice the Fluid Paymeny scheme. You pay based on your economic capacity and your perceived value of the class.



Open to dancers, musicians, movers, artists, and people from all walks of life who seek to find a safe space for ‘dancing it all out’, Sayaw Galaw is founded by Wider and Wider Circles and Daloy DC in 2016 and offers movement and music as healing salves for body, mind and soul.