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Thank you to all who participated in Ugnayan 2020! Stay tuned for more Ugnayan workshops coming soon.  If you are interested in taking courses or attending digital events from our faculty, view our events calendar below!

We invite you to join us for Ugnayan - Daloy Dance Company's first ever virtual intensive that focuses on highlighting Philippine contemporary dancers and choreographers from around the world.


We would love for as many Philippine dancers from across the globe to re-root to their Filipino heritage through a fun network of friends and peers in the contemporary dance field. Relationships as a strong root system for ‘Ugnayan’, connections. We would love for more Filipino dance artists in the diaspora to have more friends in the Philippines, and Pinas-based dance artists to have more friends abroad.


We want us to exchange ideas, exchange stories, exchange experiences, tips and tricks.. so that one day more Pinoys could create work together. Whether online or IRL. This is the perfect time for Filipinos to feel limitless, and deeply connected. We will dance and discuss. We will learn from each other. We will have more Pinoy dance artists gain confidence to express their ideas, their questions, their longings, their aspirations, and match with fellow Pinoys. We will decolonise together. We will set our mind and bodies off from the limiting beliefs we accrued from familial, societal, or cultural programming.


When I was younger, grasping contemporary dance felt like fumbling in the dark. It felt as if the only way through is to binge-watch as many SYTYCD episodes on Youtube, research as many contemporary dance videos online as possible, AND, (embarrassing as this confession may seem lol we’re in a global pandemic who cares haha) IMITATE as much steps as possible that suits my budding contemporary dance taste. Even asking questions felt embarrassing. Like I should already know. Like I’m stupid for asking. At some point, travelling a lot internationally was my way of getting answers. But I had to apply for grants. I had to save a lot of money for the airplane ride, knock on doors for sponsors, for my food. It was all worth it when I realised how valuable travel is, the relationships formed and deepened, the change in perspective and growth I experienced. The focused study. The chance to meet and learn from dancers and choreographers who come from many different places..


AND NOW.... this type of connection is available and palpable through the internet. Now we could save travel time. We could save travel money. We could be united by our being Filipinx and our love for dance! UGNAYAN classes now have 23 Faculty Members from PH, France, Germany, USA, NYC, Hongkong and Singapore.

Classes will be a combination of both live and recorded classes. This will give dancers the opportunity to take class from teachers located anywhere, regardless of timezones. Drop in classes are open to everyone, and intensive only classes are open to dancers ages 16+ with at least 4 years of training. This intensive is not only open to Philippine dancers, all are welcome to join and learn with us! Partial and full scholarships are available, as well as opportunities to sponsor attendees.


We can’t wait to be with you, kapwa Pinoy-Pinay-Pinx! Because... It’s more fun with the Filipinos!


Love from the Philippines, Ea Torrado and Daloy Dance Company

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