Tethering (2020)

In La Union, Philippines, dance artist Ea Torrado finds herself tethering to a practice of ‘embodied listening’ to the ground, the winds and the sun. Ea roots herself to the sensory experience of how the natural environment is moving her, as she negotiates being the originator of the movement and being the channel through which movement happens in every prolific, present moment. As a reiki healer and practitioner of other intuitive healing modalities, and someone deeply interested in angels, spirit guides, extra-terrestrials, multi-dimensional beings, as well as the spiritual legacies and practices of the filipino shaman -priestess or babaylan, many questions influence her in this dance, one of them being— When are we all gonna come back home home?

TETHERING is a 23-min dance film conceptualised and performed by Ea Torrado, with cinematography and editing by Chino Neri.

Music: Into Unknown by Neil Belen ft. Xharlie Black, Faith’s Hymn by Beautiful Chorus, Innerstellar by Neil Belen and Home Pt.1 by Justin Jay