The pain and beauty in blossoming as Daloy DC dancers

(#2019Highlights - February 2019)

The dancers performed the pieces of Ray Roa and Lilibeth Cuenca Rasmussen at Nordlys X Pnoise x Fringe MNL Festival. I never knew the extent of my stage mom tendencies until I almost had to tie myself up on a chair with tape on my mouth because backstage I was sooo close to screaming 10 Bravos in a row while my whole body was shaking in joy and pride during Daloy Dance Co ‘s curtain call. Were they perfect? No. Did I have notes? A lot. But I know how they danced 3, 2, 1 year ago before this show. And I know the many times I withheld compliments and suffered as they suffer the often painful process of going through steps, technique and movement ideas that only time and repetition could hone. One makes a sharp sword through intense heat and focused fire. And I may be fluid in my approach, but I’m hardcore with my boundaries and values. We all start on time. And we all have a cut-off. We do every session with everything we’ve got or we don’t do it at all. We don’t do it just for this show, we do it because practice makes permanence. We practice good, we become better. We practice lousy, we get good at lousy... And lord do I know how to be strict.. I just want them to end up in whatever field they end up in— with deep valuing for what they do by doing it with ALL they have. —- I love them so much, it is a gift for me to see how much they’ve grown not only as dancers but as their own persons. This show I was tripping balls in joy and pride. There was no experience like it. They did so well that night. ❤️

Dancers: Joy Christian Adorable, Jomarie Cruz, Arcelyn Lualhati, Jaime Monserrat, Jamie Paraiso, Buboy Raquitico, Jovin Lazaro, Jan Lloyd Celecio, Julienne Depatillo, Kennard Insigne

📷 Marione Rodil and Jhonard Santos

Words by Ea Torrado

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