The fun in being identity-fluid and genre-fluid as Daloy Dance Company

We celebrated our 5th year anniversary. Last May, I looked at a room full of bodies dancing in wild abandon as we transitioned to Fire element, a room made up of our current roster of dancers, alumni, students then and now, new faces, patrons, friends and supporters. And I thought wow, how did I get so lucky? I remember facilitating movement jams in Christopher Aronson and I’s apartment in 2014 as an after-party with our friends and I remember thinking, I want to make more people dance, but in their own way, I love improv, I love playing, I love not knowing. I love going with the flow. I love diversity, variety. I love fluidity. And maybe that is where we are now, and where we have always been. In a continuous motion, neither here nor there. Crossing boundaries among dance and performance styles. Approaching dance-making through experimentation and collaboration. Adapting to the resources available to us, as a means to survive and thrive in our contemporary dance landscape. Generating work in various contexts, specially the new and scary. And evolving, changing, our line-up of artists and collaborators so that energies are fresh. We’ve been genre-fluid, and identity-fluid. And what a fun rollercoaster ride it is. Last May, I was wrapped in the loving presence and support of people who believed and keeps on believing in us misfits.

Gaaaaah, I celebrate it all! Thank you.

Words by Ea Torrado

📷 Adele Raya and Rocky Howard Po (in Daloy’s Photoshoot last May)

Dancers: Jaime Monserrat, Jomarie Cruz, Buboy Raquitico, Julienne Depatillo, Kennard Insigne, Joy Christian Adorable, Jamie Paraiso, Arcelyn Lualhati

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(#2019Highlights - May, 2019)



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