“TETHERING” — a new dance film by Ea Torrado

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

In La Union, Philippines, dance artist Ea Torrado finds herself tethering to a practice of ‘embodied listening’ to the ground, the winds and the sun. Ea roots herself to the sensory experience of how the natural environment is moving her, as she negotiates being the originator of the movement and being the channel through which movement happens in every prolific, present moment. As a reiki healer and practitioner of other intuitive healing modalities, and someone deeply interested in angels, spirit guides, extra-terrestrials, multi-dimensional beings, as well as the spiritual legacies and practices of the filipino shaman -priestess or babaylan, many questions influence her in this dance, one of them being— When are we all gonna come back home home?

TETHERING is a 23-min dance film conceptualised and performed by Ea Torrado, with cinematography and editing by Chino Neri.

Music: Into Unknown by Neil Belen ft. Xharlie Black, Faith’s Hymn by Beautiful Chorus, Innerstellar by Neil Belen and Home Pt.1 by Justin Jay

Tethering’ will  be on view at P-Noise Long Distance Art Festival Facebook Page on

April 9- 9PM Manila Time

April 9- 9AM EDT/EST

April 9- 3PM Copenhagen, Denmark

Video will be on Facebook until April 11.


Cited as one of the most exciting and sought-after contemporary dancer-choreographers in the Philippines today, Ea Torrado is the founder and artistic director of Manila-based dance theatre group, Daloy Dance Company. She is a contemporary Filipina artist whose creations manifest in site-specific work, film, installation, improvisational performance and dance theatre pieces. She has been awarded the Alvin Erasga Tolentino Koreograpiya Award (2014), the Remedios De Oteyza Award for Choreography (2016) and Asian Cultural Council Grant (2017) for her works with Daloy DC. The company has also been nominated by Aliw Awards as Best Dance Company (2017), Best Classical Dance Company (2018), and Most Outstanding Contemporary Dance Group (2019) by Philippine LEAF Awards. Ea is also a member of the World Dance Alliance Philippines and The International Consortium for Advancement in Choreography.

Her works Dots (2013), Nga-nga (2013), Dysmorphilia (2014) and Pieces of Me (2015), investigate notions of personal confinement and showed non-linear stories where the characters attempt to journey from disempowerment to liberation and/or despair. Filipinas (2014) and Sisa (2014) commissioned works by The Lopez Museum and Library for the exhibit, “Complicated”, Canton (2014) and Silenced (2016), has politically charged themes that explored Filipino identity and feminism. Wailing Women (2017) is a continuation of her investigation of the inner space “loob” and its relationship with indignant narratives that are relevant to the healing of the Filipina. Her latter works---Encounters (2019) developed around the goddess sculptures of noted visual artist, Agnes Arellano, presented at UP Vargas Museum and UP-CAL Grounds; Howl (2018) in Neo-Filipino at The Cultural Center of the Philippines; Brown Madonna (2018) under 1SA Solo Arts Platform,  Fringe Manila and The Japan Arts Foundation, Moonlight (2019) with P-Noise X Nordlys Arts Festival and Unearthing (2019) under The Manila International Performing Arts Market and Asian Gems in The Arts, both lyrically and viscerally with the politics of sexuality, collective rage, spirituality and the Sacred Feminine.

With Daloy DC, she has presented Walang Hiya Festival, Sayaw Galaw, Ugnayan Community Program and Tanghal at Talakay, all projects that tapped diverse Filipino communities by utilizing dance as a tool for personal and social change. Ea is also the founder of Daloy Movement, a guided and durational free-form healing dance practice originated and developed in the Philippines.

“Torrado’s forays into contemporary dance have led her to choreographic collaborations and experiments with dancers, theater and visual artists, and she has emerged as one of the most promising contemporary Filipino dance-makers”., Rina Corpus, Curator Magazine

“Torrado’s choreographic genius is apparent in the appropriate and cheeky characterization of the different body parts through movement… Her imagery is light and playful and, at times, dark and brooding but it was always honest”- Issa Mijares, Runthru Magazine

“Ea Torrado’s ‘Touch’ was among my favorites. The dance was almost an aphrodisiac in an enchanting sort-of-way.” Chantal Primero, Runthru Magazine

Website: www.daloydancecompany.com/artisticdirector

About Chino Neri

His expertise in the video production industry comes from having worked in all phases of production, having worn the hats of Executive Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Post-Production Artist, Editor and co-Editor for documentaries like On the Brink: Unchartered Waters, which won the Conservation Award at the Ocean’s Film Festival in San Francisco and was screened at The 9th International Eco Film Festival in Kuala Lumpur in 2017. It premiered in the National Geographic Channel that same year. Before he helped start Kurrent, Chino has been immersed in various disciplines in the media and video production while co-founding Prodigy Ace Multimedia Inc. in 2012, where he was Post Production Head and Managing Director.

Website:  https://www.kurrent.ink/chino


Music Credits:

About Neil Belen

Sound Bath Practitioner Neil Belen is a visionary musician, album artisan, multimedia producer, inner engineer, and community cultivator, born and raised in Long Beach, California. With over a decade of experience in the worlds of musicand art, his background in FM live broadcast & theatre productions has lead to travels around the globe. These travels have brought a deepened awareness, appreciation for all sentient beings, and an enhanced perspective of the world. Neil Belen is a conscious creator and sound healer. His purpose is to enhance people’s well-being through creative collaboration and energetic experiences. Sound healing, audio engineering, and multimedia production are currently his specialty offerings of service.


About The Beautiful Chorus

The ladies of Beautiful Chorus sing to stir the joys of our innermost selves. That place of peace, calm, fiery inspiration and love. It guides us on adventures of the spirit, it is always growing, learning, and is the epitome of balance. With both Rhythmic and Resonance Meditations to choose from, you can always find a mood turned song by these ladies. Whether jumping into your day or unwinding at its end; ease into your morning or dance yourself to sleep, Beautiful Chorus has a song for it all.

Website: www.beautifulchorus.com

About Justin Jay

Launching his music career from his freshman dorm room, the Los Angeles-based 22-year-old producer/DJ, Justin Jay, has already seen success that extends well beyond his years, but he is surely not resting on any laurels as he further refines his expertise as a true artist. As the youngest member of the dirtybird family, Justin has seen support by the likes of Claude VonStroke, Jamie Jones, Disclosure, Tiga, and George Fitzgerald, among many others, while also being recognized as a “Future Star” by trusted tastemakers, such as Pete Tong, and fans alike. At the heart of his music, Justin Jay manifests his soul, funk, and jazz roots in a nostalgic, yet forward-thinking manner that yields his unmistakable brand of house music, which has won him releases on labels such as dirtybird, Culprit, Southern Fried Records, & Pets Recordings.

Website: https://m.facebook.com/justinjayofficial/



Tethering’ will  be on view at P-Noise Long Distance Art Festival Facebook Page on

April 9- 9PM Manila Time

April 9- 9AM EDT/EST

April 9- 3PM Copenhagen, Denmark

Video will be on Facebook until April 11.

Then on April 18, ‘Tethering’ will be available on www.patreon.com/DaloyDanceCompany for 15USD, you may watch and stream it anytime and anywhere on your gadgets.

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