Equity and self-reflexivity with Daloy DC’s Fluid Payment Scheme

Updated: Dec 17, 2019

(#2019Highlights - March 2019)

Daloy Dance Company started to implement the Fluid Payment Scheme for our classes, workshops and shows. Where there is a suggested donation price that depends on one’s monthly income. Because I thought— What if we are people-centred, over profit-driven? What if the space for dancing is also a space of openness and safety? People who make more can give more. People who make little, can feel welcomed and relaxed. And at the door, every person can pause and reflect, feel their bodies and intuit their way to the amount of payment they must give. ‘What is the value and worth of this class to me? And equally important, how much money can I really pay based on my income and what I have at this moment?’ These are questions we encouraged our students and guests to ask themselves before they give money to our basket. Reminding them too that their money won’t just go to utilities, rent and teacher’s fees. It will go a long way. Every penny will go to the continuity of gatherings like these—- wherein workshops and shows are quality AND equitable. And they get to decide how much they are willing to contribute to its existence and its continuity.

Last March— we started to believe that WE can do this. Participate. Reflect. Contribute. In a way that is individually empowering, no matter what amount one puts out. Unfortunely, to this day— we cannot make Fluid Payment possible for ALL our events. But as long as it is Daloy Movement and #DanceWithDaloy classes— the answer is a HELL, YES. Fluid Payment it is. ❤️

Photos are from Conversations Through Art (CTA) with dancer and choreographer Ea Torrado at UP Center For Women’s and Gender Studies.

(Welcoming even those without any dance background, Ms. Torrado taught participants how to use a free-form kind of dance style in order to understand themselves on a deeper level. This type of dance is called Daloy Movement. First developed by Ms. Torrado in Sikat Studio and Erehwon Arts Center in Manila then presented at international festivals and other events, Daloy Movement taps into the wisdom of the body through the four elements.

As part of CTA, the workshop continues the series’ thrust to bring together artists, advocacy builders, social workers, and those in the helping professions to collectively promote arts for social change. Envisioned as a series wherein various creative modalities are highlighted in each session, the invited resource speakers will be individuals from different parts of the world who are making contributions to the establishment of the expressive arts practice or who are using specific creative modalities for personal-professional, community, and sectoral development. )

Words by Ea Torrado

Photos by Jomarie Cruz and Mitch Conzon

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