A Love Letter from La Union -- May You be Healthy and Happy!

Charlie Green, during our Pagsinta Retreat Feb 2021

Dear DALOY friends,

It is lockdown here again in La Union. And in Manila. There is a tremendous rise of covid cases in the last month, that the whole region is in strict lockdown again until April 15. The type that was the first wave in March 2020. Manila also has quite a lot of cases now too. The rise in numbers is real. And almost everyone is feeling like it is the beginning of the Philippines’ corona pandemic all over again.

As I am writing this, it is Holy Thursday in our generally Catholic country’s Holy Week. Dalumpinas, the barangay where my partner Chino and I are on, is extraordinarily quiet today. Which I like. I moved here last year for the silence, the tranquility, and the hopes of living in a peaceful bubble, just healthy enough to live everyday picking veggies from our garden, petting our cats, and drinking cacao, tea, coffee and enjoying meditating as the sun sets down.

It had been a year of deepening my study of philosophies, practies and ideas around spirituality. What it is. What it means. What and which ones I believe in, and work for me. What and which ones contribute to a more compassionate planet. Actively deciding that I’m taking this inward journey more seriously than before. Uncomfortable as it was in the beginning, I know that asking the hard questions in matters of the Spirt is a worthy thing. It will help my immune system remain high, it can ease my anxieties and stress, it can help me move in the world with more presence, more strength and just more…joy.

I have been studying because I wanted to translate these beliefs into words, into actions, into something structured that I can impart in my classes, workshops, and gatherings we hold online, where people who mostly attend are from big cities, feeling isolated, lonely, sad or angry, or just friggin’ bound. Bound by all these crazy limitations,… feel a tad bit better. Feel less laone. Feel seen and heard. Feel like a Grand Scheme of Things is something they can hold on to, even though it is hard to grasp or define.

Daloy had transitioned from being a dance company I manage, a movement practice I share, to a philosophy I’m called to embody day in and day out. A philosopy based on improvisation, intuition, effortless effort, and peaceful acceptance in the present moment. A lot of going with the flow. A lot of trusting that every living moment is a creative moment, AND a spiritual moment. I guess living by the sea and seeing the marvelous setting sun on a regular basis affords you more of that. My psychic abilities and spirit-world journeying in and out of heightened states of awareness,.. clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizance.., how do I put these into words… hmmmm, haaa. These. Are. All. Becoming. Daloy. To. Me.

Me giving a Reiki Energy Treatment

Tarot, reiki, dancing, sitting still, breathwork, etc etc… these are all just activities I exchange and share that serve as means and medium for Daloy to flow.

I can’t explain it well enough. At least, not yet. Sometimes my whole body feels like it has so much to give, othertimes I feel like I’m spent from feeling too much. And affter long moments of transmuting and trying and letting go and tyring and transmuting and letting go of trying to transmute…. my own anger, frustration and internal wars, even bliss, elation and vastness…. into something something… Peace arrives.

She sits with me to say I’m a tiny speck that the cosmos named, and loves. And that the world can wait for the right words to roll out so I can channel just what is coming through to explain exactly what Daloy is, as I am experiencing it.

For now, I’m being called to be as healthy as I could so that as this pandemic is happening and when it is over, I could be a clear vessel with which Daloy could flow through, and be able to share tools for cultivating peace as a habit to those that need it, and the communities that need it. Those that believed at one point or another—that as they want peace, peace is seeking them too.

If you are interested in a talk about Spirituality and Health, Daloy IG Accounts are hosting two special LIVE INTERVIEWS this weekend.

THIS SATURDAY, 8-9 AM— @eatorrado will be interivewing Guro Tashi ABOUT MAGIC MUSHROOM CEREMONIES, EARTH WALK, and INNER DANCE among others.

Guro Tashi is an energy healer who uses sacred innerdance movements called #HeartDanceHealing and is founder of Lakbay sa Diwa Healing Ceremony, sharing the healing and knowledge of the spirit of SinagAraw / Mother Ayahuasca in the Philippines.

THIS SUNDAY, 8-9 AM— @eatorrado will be interviewing Elizabeth Abella about BIOHACKING and VITALITY coaching.

Eli Abella helps humans live full lives so they are stress free, di-sease free and age-strong through biohacking. She is the first Certified Bulletproof Human Potential and Vitality Coach in the Philippines, combining conventional life coaching with nonconventional holistic mind and body techniques.

‘KALAWAKAN’ — Lawak- expanse, Malawak- expansive. Kalawakan features souls whose life work centers on ‘expansion’ through artistic expression, psycho-spiritual research, science and metaphysics, cultural service, teaching and healing arts, community work, and more.

May you stay healthy in mind, body and spirit!

I send you Love,


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