A performance ritual

Panibangon is a portmanteau of the Filipino words “panibago” (new) and “bangon” (rise up), and a new word phrase forms--- ‘Rise anew’.  


Panibangon is  a site-adaptive contemporary ritual and an immersive dance experience that examines how elements of the sacred, of play, and of the spoken word produce an atmosphere surrounding ritual action.  

Performance and ritual were conjoined at the very earliest periods of human cultures. Throughout historical time, both secular and sacred rituals have usually involved one or more of the performance genres of theater, dance, and music. Ritual theatre is one of the most ancient forms of healing that is still practiced in tribal societies today. Ancient people healed themselves and explored what they couldn’t understand about the world through ritual. 

This is why in the post-Covid world where most people are dealing with high levels of anxiety and stress, from loss or huge life transitions, ritual theatre is even more important and relevant. 


In Panibangon, audience members will be able to witness, participate and  gain an 'embodied' understanding of Daloy’s movement approach. It is an exploration of the relationship and interconnectivity between participant, performer, land and nature through physical and gestural movements, perception exercises, meditations, silence and sharings. Its aim is to empower communities and reclaim natural sites as important symbols and places, and create a work that is a statement around the dancer in everyone, collectivity and health.


The main artists of Panibangon are Ea Torrado, a multidimensional healing artist whose medicine blends the use of dance, energy healing and storytelling, Neil Belen,an LA-based Filipinx visionary musician and community cultivator, Malaya Arguelles, a certified Daloy Movement facilitator, Buboy Raquitico, a contemporary dance choreographer whose background is in community development, and Deborah Lemuel, a practitioner and student of Dance Movement Therapy and teacher of improvisation, dance theory and dance pedagogy.


The proposed site for Panibangon is in San Gabriel, La Union on October 22-24 2021.


Photos by Chino Neri