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Daloy is made up of a community of

like-hearted contributing artists across the fields of dance, music, visual arts, healing arts, esoteric practices, community work and social entrepreneurship.




Pagbubuo is a raw and intimate conversation hosted by DALOY. A chat between Ea and Sha where they immerse into journeys of pleasure, power + healing through intuitively integrating our love for spirituality, sexuality, the land.


They are two transdisciplinary queer
creators based in Tkaronto + Luzon connecting with rituals of art & healing.

They are two curators, letting go of curating too much. Holding space for whatever comes through. In practice of surrendering to every organic, present moment that they can show up courageous and vulnerable.

EVERY WEDNESDAY 10am PHT and Tues 9pm EST on @daloymovement and @innegration 


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KALAWAKAN IG LIVE Interviews happen every weekend on @eatorrado or @daloydanceco IG


Lawak- expanse, Malawak- expansive. Kalawakan features souls whose life work centers on ‘expansion’ through artistic expression, psycho-spiritual research, science and metaphysics, cultural service, teaching and healing arts, community work, and more. These LIVE weekly interviews are FREE, and on Instagram with Daloy Movement founder Ea Torrado, and are 45mins-1 hour long.⠀

Our Daloy Dance Company and Daloy Movement Facebook and Instagram Pages are maintained daily by emerging artists and Daloy Workshop participants, Aien Lemence and Lylene Belle Carcedo.

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Aien Lemence is a fluid creative who continuously explores the various ways in which she could share her expression. She loves creating poetry, capturing moments through her lens, and concocting short video reels. Her favorite grounding practices include Daloy movement, yoga, and meditation. She finds humming soothing.

She enjoys loving and has abundant energy to share! But takes time to go within to replenish

She’s currently enjoying understanding and working with her own flow more

Lylene Belle M.  Carcedo Highest elected officer under UNESCO-Philippine National Commission.A Political Science graduate in Achievement at Harvard University with a GPA of 4.0.Having worked in the field of non-profits since the start of her professional career, Lylene Carcedo has notably focused on the Poverty Alleviation Fund . She served the UNESCO providing her expertise on issues concerning building the eradication of poverty in the Philippines. She spends everyday visiting and meeting with political leaders to seek their political commitment and making herself available to the media in order to raise public awareness of the issue.Meanwhile, she has initiated campaigns and initiatives to end poverty and other human rights violations faced by millions of people affected . In recognition of her efforts ,In 2020 she sponsored 5,000 underprivileged children in the of pandemic which will focus on one the most promising avenues of right to education research today.Partnered with 10,000 organizations and implemented programs amidst the existence of COVID-19, strict government restrictions and health protocols.


Panibangon is  a site-adaptive contemporary ritual and an immersive dance experience that examines how elements of the sacred, of play, and of the spoken word produce an atmosphere surrounding ritual action.  

The main artists of Panibangon are Ea Torrado, a multidimensional healing artist whose medicine blends the use of dance, energy healing and storytelling, Neil Belen, an LA-based Filipinx visionary musician and community cultivator, Malaya Arguelles, a certified Daloy Movement facilitator, Buboy Raquitico, a contemporary dance choreographer whose background is in community development, and Deborah Lemuel, a practitioner and student of Dance Movement Therapy and teacher of improvisation, dance theory and dance pedagogy.


The proposed site for Panibangon is in San Gabriel, La Union on October 22-24 2021.


All photos are grabbed from each artist's Facebook or Instagram or website.

All rights are reserved to the photographer. No copyright infringement intended.