Tagalog for 'flow'

a movement meditation that gets one into moments of ease and present-moment awareness, Dao/Tao / Flow / Daloy,

and through the consciousness and embodiment of the divine feminine energy of intuition, surrender and Trust.


Reclaiming the Bahala Na (Bathala Na) as a conscious living tradition, and  universal wisdom within Philippine pakikipagkapwa.

To trust.

To be conscious.

To feel alive.

To embody more Love.

To be the clarity and ecstasy that liberates our lineage. 



Daloy Movement is a durational and dynamic movement meditation that catalyzes intuitive, uninhibited, and free-form movement by tapping into the wisdom of the body through the four elements— Air, Water, Earth and Fire.


With 17 years of dance teaching practice and professional background in classical and contemporary ballet, Ea Torrado found herself questioning, ‘What are ways of moving, and being, that are good to (and for) the body?’

In 2013, she immersed herself in a wide array of movement-based forms such as Yoga, Reiki, Physical Theatre, Viewpoints Technique and Improvisation, to deepen her understanding of our physiology and its capacities.

In 2017, she was awarded the Asian Cultural Council Grant, where she went on a 6-month intensive study in New York, focusing on cotemporary dance, somatics, dance therapy and improvisation. Ea believes that dance can lead to a profound intimacy with the Self.

Nurturing a space where dance could provoke self-reflection and mindfulness, as well as abandon and release, Ea guides each student to connect to their own strength, presence and authenticity, reminding them that these feeling-states are something they can access anytime, anywhere, in their daily lives.

Deemed as a healing practice that leads participants into deeper self-discovery, Daloy Movement values AUTONOMY, AUTHENTICITY and AGENCY in a shared space made safe by mutual caring and respect.

Daloy Movement believes that our inner teacher is the best teacher, and that a sense of home could be found in the body.


People from all age, size, gender, ability, socio-economic background and religious beliefs are welcome in a Daloy Movement Workshop. Everyone is supported by a community that allows one to be fully expressive and true to his/her self.


Exercises pose options for students to follow or modify. Starting cues with, ‘If this resonates with you, then..’, Daloy Movement gives everyone a choice.

First developed as a series of classes in Sikat Studio and Erehwon Arts Center from 2014-2015, Ea presented The Daloy Workshop at Rimbun Dahan, Malaysia for Asia Pacific Improv Festival in 2015, in Katrineholm, Sweden for Radical Contact Festival 2016, in Tekamatsu and Marugami, Japan for Asia Performing Arts 2016 and in Pennsylvania and North Carolina in Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Community Center College NC , USA.

DM was also researched as movement vocabulary in rehearsals and performance through some of Ea’s short contemporary pieces, as a trio presented at The Cultural Center of The Philippines for Blue Moon Series Gala in 2014, a solo that was danced at the Korea International Modern Dance Competition and later on at CCP Dance MNL Festival 2016, and a quintet for Reecnhanting Performance: Women, Spirituality and Ecology, International Conference 2016.

DM was also the focus of Ea Torrado’s 6-month Research Residency in New York under the Asian Cultural Council Grant where she researched on dance as a ‘healing’ practice and facilitated DM at Yale University.

Until 2020, pre-pandemic, Daloy Movement was being offered as a monthly workshop and jam attended by 50-60 pax every month in Manila, PH. Many find Daloy Movement as a place for connection and community through dancing.


Reduces stress

and anxiety issues

Benefits of Daloy

Daloy is meditative, relaxing, and a deeply personal practice on being okay with the present moment, letting go of our notions of what must happen next, and instead move from radically accepting our continuous unfolding.


“It a great place to share positive

 energy without talking, without sharing in words. Yet when you go out of the venue you are filled with love and positivity.”

--- Joy Mauchlin Ras


“Ang saaraaaap sa puso.. Sa katawan.. sa buong pagkatao! Bagay na bagay sa mga taong gustong magrelease ng mga nararamdaman nila.. 

Lalo mga negative vibes! Ayy!

Highly recommended!!!”

--- Kath Nobleza


The experience was genuine! Even Spiritually uplifting!

----- Vens Gabayernon


It was a great experience. For a first timer, I didn't really know what to expect. . I've always wanted to connect to my inner self and I've been trying meditation and yoga but after the Daloy Movement , I realized it was what I needed!

--- Jolyn Tarnate


Daloy workshops are my kind of release from all the everyday stresses of school and work. It keeps my energy flowing despite my constant mental exhaustion. It’s an avenue where I can truly dance and fully express myself!!! 

---- Tash Manching

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