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Choreographing Memory

Al Evangelista

A range of improvisation and composition methods will be used throughout this workshop to center Filipinx identity as a choreographic source. After warming up the body, we will combine community-based practices and contemporary techniques to explore and create movement from collective and personal narratives. Together we will create movement to reflect and theorize about the relationship between our many identities and moving selves. 

Retracing our Roots, Embodying our Ancestors

Alexis Convento

What is touching you, who is moving you? Through listening exercises, guided improvisation and collective reflection, we will unearth a deeper awareness within our colonized bodies to empower, transform and heal the ancestral narratives that exist within us. All movers, people, bodies are welcome; please bring a journal and writing utensil with you.

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Dose of Pleasure: Movement Meditation

Alvin Collantes

I teach people deep sensitivity through my active work & practice in Gaga, meditation, Berlin rave culture and sound frequency tuning. What I strive for is simple: to meditate deep like a monk and make love like a wild animal, to let go of my pain through articulating my honest truth. In this session, I work with frequency to channel physical ways of tasting what pains you and use groove as medicine to acknowledge and cancel blockages in the body. By riding the vibration of what you hear, we tune into a deep sense of listening celebrating the flow of information that lives inside the skin, flesh and bones. Inside this process of riding, we meet pleasure, we understand passion from the depths of our own pain, we start to harness the power of groove and discover what it means to set yourself free.

Contemporary Body Practice

Ani Gavino

The class will begin with a movement meditation warm up, setting our intentions for the day and allowing the body to listen to body memories arise through the act of improvisation and discovery. I give prompts, games and imageries to help facilitate the dancer’s entry point to movement or a theme. I will continue this improvisation with a structured exercise where one can hone into simple foundational concepts such as the ideas of breathe in the Graham technique, of linearity and opposition in Horton, and circularity and gravity in Limon. This class will heighten a dancer’s ability to move with clarity, simplicity and authenticity. A class phrase work will end each class Incorporating body percussion, polyrhythms, spinal mobility, and a hybridity of dance languages. 

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Jazz Fusion

Ana Victoria Andres

This workshop will focus on an experimental choreography class which fuses movement qualities of contemporary, street, and vogue then applied to jazz technique. It’s all about integrating different styles into a foundational base. We will explore different ‘flavors’ and develop our own unique voice in movement.

Move, Groove, Rejuve

 Anne Michiko Tangi

 IIn this class we will blend creative movement, journaling, yoga stretches and meditation.  We will get into our bodies, raise the vibe, play with our imagination and physical environments, go inward, let loose and free our minds.  There will be opportunities to witness and respond to one another’s movement, sound, and stories as we create together in the moment.  Come find your flow and nourish your body, mind and soul in this supportive, loving space.  Please bring a journal or some tool for jotting down your ideas.  

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Yoga for Dancers (Vinyasa Yoga)

Chloe Alcid

In these vinyasa yoga classes, we will focus on strength, balance and mobility as well as breath control and mindfulness--all areas that will benefit our dancing in the long run. Classes will be open-level, but more on the challenging side.

 Rest + Restore (Restorative/Yin Yoga)

Chloe Alcid

As dancers, we are constantly moving and active, so creating an intentional space for rest and stillness is crucial in restoring balance to our physical, mental and emotional systems. This blend of restorative and yin yoga will be aimed at releasing tension and finding surrender.

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Daloy Movement

Ea Torrado

Daloy Movement is a guided, durational and free-form dance practice that many people find liberating, transformative and healing. As an energy healer, and meditation and mindfulness coach, I support people shift from their socialised bodies, to the wisdom of their bodies in a Daloy Movement session. I guide participants to fluidly experience Dance in an intuitive dialogue and comm-union with the earth, water, air, fire and ether element, within themselves.

Daloy Dance Technique and Repertoire

Ea Torrado

This is an immersive workshop in the technique and repertoire of Filipina dance artist, Ea Torrado.  Each session, we will experience the full body flow of the her movement style and technique and then explore choreographies from Daloy Dance Company’s full-length repertoire such as Dysmoprhilia, Canton, Himalaya, Encounters and Unearthing.

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Body as Earth

Chloe Chotrani

Body as Earth is a guided exploration through movement and imaginative cues to awaken the physical, the subtle, and the energetic body. The session will start with a warm up to loosen the joins and open our gateways, going into guided movement and improvisation, and closing with a meditation. Dancing and visualization as a way to listen to the luscious landscape within our sacred vessel, the body. You will be guided throughout. Open to all levels. 

Finding Intention: A Contemporary Dance Practice

Jasper Narvaez

The class is designed as a constant play between release and control. You will be guided to reconsider your body’s perceived limits as it relates to space and to itself - its intention of carving pathways, anchoring directions, and efficiently utilizing biomechanical connections. As your body responds to the various types of intention, the resulting physicality will have a playfulness that is both explosive and sensitively nuanced.

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Queering Technique, Reclaiming Space, and Decolonizing the Body

 Jay Carlon

What a title, huh?  This class is a synthesis of my evolution and [re]discoveries as a movement artist navigating the white-contemporary artworld as a queer, colonized body.  We will focus on integrating attunement of external influences (architecture and space) with internal sensory embodiment.  Participants will be asked to privilege imagination, tap into cellular awareness, practice doing-and-undoing, and rediscover primal presence and awareness.

Urban Contemporary

Joy Alpuerto Ritter

 Joy's workshop is a training fusion out of different movement techniques. Her versatile background in ballet, Hip Hop, Voguing, philippine folk dance and contemporary dance made her develop an interesting mix of movement qualities. In her class Joy will focus on body isolation, waving and groove. She combines these elements with contemporary dance and will train the body to be strongly grounded but at the same time dynamic and virtuous in space. While physical rhythm and musicality are important components that will be practiced in several combinations and exercises. The workshop will also include improvisational tasks where the dancers will work on movement concepts and different body states as a challenge to engage creativity and to explore individual qualities and expression.

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Kevin Pajarillaga

 A class where we map our body utilizing repetition and sequencing to understand different dynamics and flow throughout the body. Combining different textures to understand and research the range and scale of our movement.

Contemporary Barre and Floorwork

Nikaio Thomashow

This class utilizes the barre, or any solid surface, for stability while completing combinations that warm the dancer up for centre.  Centre will consist of floorwork exercises that aim to disorient the dancer's sense of verticality and balance.

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Decolonizing the Contemporary Body

Marie Lloyd Paspe

Navigating through a collaborative space between discussion-based lab and play, we’ll explore the mysticism, magic, mystery of possibilities that arrive from dreaming, listening, observing, researching, and connecting to ancestral wisdom, indigenous roots, and multitudinous tissues of identity. Through the lens of indigenous Philippines, colonized history, national shame, and queer/fluid identities, we’ll work through a series of meditations, improvisations, movement phrases, and voice exercises to understand how nuances of identity are shaped by the waters and through lines of ancestry and ritual. What we question and what we are left to know as integral inquiries to our understanding of identity and potential. With permission to change, laugh, cry, fail - how can our imperfect selves be present, be healing, be planting seeds that ground our present selves for those that come after and for those who came before?


Marie Lloyd Paspe

In this class we will learn the basics to release technique as your body in its rawest, most skeletal form, as taught to me by postmodern brilliant mentors Bill T. Jones, Janet Wong, Jennifer Nugent, Jenna Riegel, and I-Ling Liu. With focus on the grounded body, we will explore how our systems of movement are sourced by the Earth and its core in relationship to our spinal suspension from the Heavens. Class will take our skeletal bodies into the floor with floorwork technique, understanding of upper body strength, and distribution of weight into the hands and torso. We move as one with our environment and with our quarantined spaces, using the floor as our intimate and trusted dance partners.

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 Ballet Technique Class

Martina Manalo

Martina will be sharing her knowledge and technique in ballet with an added emphasis on mindfulness in movement. Learning to understand the correct body placement, alignment, proper use of turn out, with the help of biomechanics and anatomy and learning how all bodies are different and work differently in its own way, in which will help dancers be more mindful of their bodies and refrain from getting themselves injured.

Finding Existence Through Movement

Martina Manalo

The movement workshop explores a surrealistic journey to finding oneself  and existence above anything else. As the world revolves around each one of us, we struggle to find the  need to explore our own being, our inner self, bring to light and battle with our inner demons. 

A self exploration in one’s personal space as a representation of their own little bubble. 


By the time we have found our real purpose of existence we find real happiness, satisfaction, understanding but at the same time when we have truly understood and absorbed what it really is, it becomes our super power into making freely-willed choices and creating independence from society. We become real. We become who we really are.

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Contemporary Pilates for all bodies

Melani De Guzman

 A 55 minute class intended to calm the body’s stress patterns that inhibit learning, in order to create opportunity for NEW neuro-movement connections. We will play within a Pilates based movement structure to load the body in different positions- strengthening movement pathways/muscles that need strengthening and letting go of those that need letting go of. We will find new ways to feel good in our bodies. Open to all levels and bodies of all types.

Embodied Breathwork with a live musician

Melani De Guzman

A nourishing class to ground down the nervous system getting you back to your heart. We will start by giving thanks to all parts of our bodies calling in the elements of the earth. We’ll practice relaxation techniques that will allow you to “let go” into a deep state of stillness. The last half of the class will be the active meditation of breathwork. It will quiet the busy mind creating a deeper connection within the body. Breathwork helps you feel more alive. Open to all levels especially those looking to deepen their meditative practices. 

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 Kapwa Yoga and Meditation

Paul Jochico

We will explore the concept of kapwa, or shared oneness, through a grounding yoga flow followed by a meditation. All bodies welcome. I encourage the use of props (blocks, blankets, etc.) and will offer modifications to meet the needs of your body in the moment.

Energetic Embodiment

Paul Jochico

We will travel up the chakra energetic system through a guided embodiment practice that draws upon movement across the diaspora, including hip hop, contemporary, and Filipino folk. All bodies welcome. All your need to bring is an open heart and mind.

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Improv Class

Ralph Escamillan

Drawing from my experiences in street, commercial, and contemporary dance, this class is a full exploration of movement. Working with the plethora of pathways and weights of the body, we explore the nuances and explosivity movement to foster both play and control. To begin, we awaken our bodies’ special awareness with improvisation, followed by guided prompts to explore different types of embodiment. This class strives to channel the inherent tactile nature of the space you're inhabiting, the clothes you're in and the body you are moving.


 Rita Winder

An important element in dance is creating the greatest clarity in movement. This clarity comes with understanding the origin and intention of each movement and how it flows in the body.

With this focus my class will work towards greater body awareness and purity of movement so the dancers can move with greater efficiency, clarity and honest intention.

The class will start with a contemporary barre and exercises that will work body placement and muscle strength. As the dancers gain deeper understanding of their bodies they will progress to play with space, rhythm and imagery as well as learning combinations to explore and challenge their capabilities.

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Concepts & Freestyle: Conversing w/ Music & Feeling.

Sophia “SOSA” Laurio

Sophia’s class focuses on the exploration of concepts and ideas of movement while utilizing heavy influences of streetdance style foundations. She will be guiding students into getting to know “the feeling” of the body and how it connects to our conscious mind tied with our memories and realizations through learning how to appreciate and converse with music. The goal for this class is to become a playground, a space to inspire students to FEEL and be FREE, be child-like when exploring movement and when exploring our own individual way of expressing dance. Confidently and unapologetically.

 A Solo to Words

Tiffany Mangulabnan

For this, I would teach movement from ‘Nobody Knows Our Names’, a piece of choreography that my company, konverjdans, performed in New York City last spring. The solos in the piece are choreographed to excerpts of a recorded speech given by African-American writer/thinker James Baldwin, whose words - fitting for our current times - pose both a mental and rhythmic challenge for dancers. This session of rep-learning would employ contemporary ballet techniques I’ve learned and immersed myself in in New York, as well as challenge individuality of movement and expression within the confines of strict musicality and the rhythms of human speech.

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Intermediate/Advanced Ballet

Tiffany Mangulabnan

 A challenging ballet technique class geared towards advanced students and pre-professionals, composed of combinations that will be a kind of nod to some of my favorite New York City teachers; with a strong emphasis on the full breadth and extension of movement, on freedom of expression within the confines of technique, and on thoughtful form, placement and alignment as a necessary foundation for movement.

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