Daloy is a fluidly-boundaried space that constantly asks, feels and intuits-- what is ‘present’?, how does it manifest itself? And what kind of sociability does it propose?


(For) now, we are a space; where people can care for one another, celebrate each other and cohere/co-’here’, through knowledge transfer, skill sharing and movement-mindfulness-meditation practices that help all who show up in Daloy get by, get free, and get alive during this Corona time. Our current projects are Ritwal, Kalawakan Interviews, Pagbubuo Podcast, Daloy Healing Retreats in La Union and the work-in-process, PANIBANGON.


Our Vision

Daloy is committed to creating performances that are rich in content, meaning, and capacity for renewal and empathy, and in utilising dance in the service of healing through embodied approaches and new rituals of togetherness that seek to understand the  deeper relationship between self and community, self and nature, and self and Spirit. 


Founded in 2014 in Manila by acclaimed contemporary dancer-choreographer Ea Torrado, and nominated as Most Outstanding Contemporary Dance Group by Philippine LEAF Awards in 2019,  Aliw Awards as Best Dance Company in 2018 and Best Classical Dance Company in 2017, Daloy interweaves dance, theatre and improvisation to create evocative works that play with the boundaries of contemporary dance and invite audiences to both question and celebrate societal culture. 


Capturing the energy and philosophy of Ea Torrado’s exploration of the human body as an instrument to provoke reflection and dialogue, the company has crafted Daloy Movement, an embodied and evolving research practice accessible to all body types and movement abilities, that many find liberating, transformative, and even healing.


is a space for release

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