Daloy  started with artistic director, Ea Torrado’s vision of generating daring and evocative dance theatre pieces with an ever-evolving group of dancers, actors and artists from diverse backgrounds. Nominated as Most Outstanding Contemporary Dance Group by Philippine LEAF Awards in 2019, Aliw Awards as Best Dance Company in 2018 and Best Classical Dance Company in 2017, Daloy interweaves dance, theatre and improvisation to create evocative works that play with the boundaries of contemporary dance and invite audiences to both question and celebrate societal culture.


Having enjoyed diverse audiences by performing in a range of dance and art festivals locally and internationally, and in theatres, galleries, public sites and stages, Daloy had always craved for deeper connections fostered beyond the ‘performance’ of dance. Capturing the energy and philosophy of Ea Torrado’s exploration of the human body as an instrument to provoke reflection and dialogue, the company has crafted Daloy Movement, an embodied and evolving research practice accessible to all body types and movement abilities, that many find liberating, transformative, and even healing.


Daloy has also co-produced festivals such as Walang Hiya (2017), featuring somatic movement practices, bodywork and verbal exchanges to explore issues of identity and belonging, body image, beauty and objectification, privilege and power; Sayaw Galaw (2016), a gathering with live musicians, psychosomatic healing practitioners and artists, to ask how dance can heal intergenerational traumas of shame and guilt in the body. Tanghal at Talakay (2015), an artistic residency for emerging PH choreographers and movement creatives, that focused on dialogue before and after every work-sharing, thereby creating space for audience and artist positions to blur and merge.


During the 2020 lockdown, Daloy produced At Home with Daloy (April 2020), interfacing ‘being at home', 'being online' and ‘being fully in our bodies’, by offering a safe virtual space for sharing meditation, mindfulness and embodiment techniques, Ugnayan (July 2020) - an online festival that features dancers from the Philippines, and the diaspora, for re-rooting to our cultural heritage, while growing our networks and making meaningful international connections, Awakening The Inner Diyosa (September 2020)—a 3-month course on the Divine Feminine, while seen and experienced through the lens of a Filipina/x body and experience, and taking inspiration from Babaylan, the pre-colonial priestess-healers of the Philippines, and its practice and philosophy of healing from loob or inner-space. Ritwal (November 2020 - present), a monthly gathering around the time of the full moon, with invited healers, mystics, psychologists, musicians, yoga teachers, cacao ceremonialists and artists to share their practice of connecting the physical body with the rhythm and workings of the Earth.


In November 2020, Daloy was artist-in-residence at British School Manila, and gave dance-theatre-for-wellness workshops to their students for their Creative Arts Week, and shown two videos of Daloy pre-pandemic performances called Paghilom (Altaptap Artist Village, February 2020) and Nadia and the Blue Stars (Cultural Center of the Philippines, 2019).


Currently, Daloy is co-producing Bari-bari, a collection of 9 short dance films that combine interviews, folk and ethnic dances in Ilocos Region (and contemporary interpretation of these dances), while donning visual artist, Leeroy New’s costumes made out of recycled plastic bottles. Advocating for environmental sustainability and regeneration, the premiere of this work is on the Environmental Dances website by Company Christoph Winkler (November 2021), and Fifth Wall Fest international dance film festival (October 2021). Bari-bari is receiving funding support from Goethe Instut Manila.


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